Modquiz Reimagined

Posted by Mik on Tue, Aug 18, 2015

Modquiz has been redesigned into a new, more natural way of creating and studying flash cards and quizzes. The goals remain the same: collaborative studying, tools for more complete and higher quality study tools, varied question types for different learning styles.

Now, instead of creating flash cards, we provide a structured wiki to take notes in, and those notes automatically become flash cards and quiz questions to study. The wiki pages are stored in a hierarchy - like an outline or a family tree, so you can easily organize your notes.

Some of the benefits of this format include:

You can easily identify how to contribute.

Unless all your information is alphabetical, a list of flashcards is a poor way to organize your notes. With this hierarchical wiki, you can clearly see where information might be missing.

Similar information is stored together

Instead of having 10 flashcards describe a concept, like the parts of a cell, have one wiki page for the cell, and have all the characteristics of that cell kept on the one page.

Enter once, use infinite

We already have three different tools that come out of this: a visual graph view, for visualizing your subject, a set of flashcards, and a wiki for studying, we hope to keep adding tools based on this information without you having to enter any more notes.

Better and different types of questions

If you look at quiz questions, most are asking you to identify the relationships between two things, like “which is higher” or “which part of this does this”. Because we store your notes in a connected way we can see the relationships and make better questions.

We hope to more fully realize these four benefits over the coming months, by making quiz questions more creative and enhancing the visual graph view for your subjects.

Go ahead and check it out, we look forward to your feedback!